i wanted to share a very interesting article about what to expect if a person is in a relationship with a Highly Sensitive Person.

It is refreshing to see multiple new articles on Highly Sensitive People that have recently been written on the Huffington Post website.  While you are there run a search for HSP and you will be delighted to find other recent articles on HSPs.

Here is a link to today’s article:

In A Relationship With A Highly Sensitive Person? Here’s What You Need To Know
Enjoy and wishing you a productive week!

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Contentment…how do we find it?

After reading this weeks email installment from Cheryl Richardson, I had an Aha! Moment…I also feel contentment after returning from my regular ‘Nature Runs’.  It is so very invigorating running outside amongst the beautiful summer landscape, and listening to the symphony of birds singing along the trail and overhead!

Please head over to Cheryl’s Site and enjoy this truly inspirational article and see if it also rings true for you too!  Please post your thoughts.

If you enjoy the Article, consider subscribing to her weekly email for inspiration! Cheryl has also written that she is also a Highly Sensitive Person and has provided many ideas and suggestions for HSPs in her Books and on her Website.

Link: Cheryl Richardson’s Blog

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The Importance of Awareness

When is the last time that you took time out of your day for awareness?

I am referring to the concept of living in the moment and being aware of ourselves the world around us.

Living in the moment and enjoying the moment frees us from worrying about our past or future. It allows us to accomplish greatness, as each and every day can be looked at as a renewal of our current potential.  However, being highly sensitive creates an amplification, in my opinion, of our feelings and emotions in regards to our past and future experiences that can sometimes overwhelm us.  By focusing on the here and now we can minimize the ‘interruptions’ that can sidetrack us from our current growth and accomplishments for today.

Which brings us back to Yoga, which I have found helps me to live in the moment and has allows for more awareness and grounding in the current moment. 

Kara-Leah Grant, whose website, The Yoga Lunchbox, offers a brilliant article on the importance of Awareness in Yoga.


Duncan Peak at compression in his forward bend. From The Yoga Lunchbox Website article.

Here are a few quotes from he recent article, “How Many Years of Yoga Practice Does it Take to Get Flexible?”

‘Yes, the range of motion in a backbend is determined by our muscles. But it’s also determined by the physical limitations of the vertebral arches, the anterior longitudinal ligament (this runs down the inside of the spine), the disks and the superior and inferior articular processes (boney protrusions of the vertebra).

As we physically progress in our yoga practice and our backbends do deepen, it is important to know that what we’re actually doing in our yoga asana practice is practicing awareness, focus, and embodiment. The depth of our asana is a mere by-product of these three intangible processes.
If we are practicing with an eye to gaining flexibility or strength without awareness, focus or embodiment we’re not actually practicing yoga and our risk of injury is likely higher.

‘And this reiterates the supreme importance of awareness in our yoga practice. Via asana and conscious breathing we are learning to make the unconscious, conscious. If we never practice with any degree of awareness, our practice won’t deepen – not on the yoga level, and sometimes not on the physical level either.’

If we are practicing with an eye to gaining flexibility or strength without awareness, focus or embodiment we’re not actually practicing yoga and our risk of injury is likely higher.’

‘It turns out that our minds, via our nervous systems, also have a strong impact on how flexible we are.’


Article Link

We can learn from this article that awareness really does allow us to be open to change, both physically and mentally.
Please let me know your comments!

Until next time,

Wishing you happiness and good health

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HSPs Upside Down!

New Perspectives On Life

I am back after a long hiatus from blogging with a new and fresh HSP perspective for your consideration.

Sometimes a New Perspective is all it takes to jump-start your creativity and happiness!

I recently started home Yoga Practice and experienced an epiphany, whilst upside-down in a handstand:

The world looks different when you are in a handstand/headstand; to me Yoga is looking at the world from a fresh perspective. It is so important to look at the world from a new perspective every day as an HSP and not to get caught up in ‘ruts’ along the way.

Here is a fun and short Youtube Clip on Handstands from Michael Gannon  Michael Gannon’s Handstand Challenge Link

This freshness brings new meaning to daily life and daily Yoga practice, as well, as repetitive motions, that had previously  become ‘dusty’, ‘rusty’, boring and ancient, can now be looked at from a new perspective. Today’s practice can be more enjoyable than yesterday, and so can the rest of your day, just based on your new found ‘fresh’ perspective.

Please, take this fresh perspective with you in all that you do during the rest of your day. Every day can be full of excitement and vigor, as long as our perspectives are new. Take note of the various Yoga forms (asanas) in our daily practices and sense how they feel and from what perspective you are looking at the room from; you may be surprised that these differing perspectives help you look at things in ways you had never thought of.

Another Note: Yoga starts with the Letter Y that looks like a person standing upside-down; now that’s a new concept.

Please sound off with comments, as I would be very interested in hearing your perspectives on this topic, as well.

If you might also be interested in trying out yoga, below is a link to what I have found to be a very helpful Ashtanga (Power) Yoga APP that is reasonably priced and has vocal prompts, as well as visual instructions.

This APP is from Michael Gannon, who I have found to be an inspiring instructor and this APP provides an opportunity to learn from an instructor that (in my opinion) provides yoga instruction with clear examples.  Please consult a doctor before trying any of the examples, and also, it is recommended to find an instructor, to make sure that you are forms/postures are good or in need of correction.

Ashtanga Yoga APP

Please visit the following Site for more information on this Yoga APP Michael Gannon Yoga APP

Until next time

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The Secret to Happiness

Well is it really possible to provide the Elixir of happiness on my Blog?

I ran across a very uplifting book, which is colorful, meaningful and does suggest an idea for long lasting happiness.

And for a short amount of time the Kindle Ebook is Free…Why not cozy up and download this charming and very meaningful Children’s book by the author, Suzy Liebermann.  Over the last few months many of her books have been available free of charge, as one day promotions.

Going against the grain of selfishness and lack of empathy for others, Hugo The Starfish’s friends encourage this cute character to share his love with others and that this is the way to lasting Happiness.

Here is a link to the free version of ‘The Secret to Happiness’ with Hugo The Starfish, and currently this book has 27 reviews with a rating of 4.7! on Amazon.

Hugo The Starfish The Secret To Happiness



I feel happier just from the first reading and by the way, her other books deal with many other well being topics and just as a reference I have provided a link to her website at

Suzy Liebermann’s Website MyStarfish.

Here a section fom her Bio on Amazon:

‘Believing that happiness can be learned, feelings can be understood and that building character based on a positive attitude leads to happy, content, self-confident and successful human beings, I have created this exciting series of charming books about HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH. The series of books on character education aims to help educate children about their feelings, their attitude, their choices and the consequences that follow and includes an introduction to the Spanish language, lessons of character, ecological alertness and life skills–all amid a backdrop of a colourful island and mystical underwater world.I have always had a love for teaching and helping others. Being able to share the wisdom of the right attitude through my stories gave my life a new goal to make a difference in the world.Today I live my dream of helping others to find the right attitude for life – because life gets so much easier with the right attitude. We might not be able to control life’s circumstances or other people’s actions however we can control our attitude towards them.With lots of LOVE and HAPPINESS, Suzy Liebermann.’ 

Wow!  Please help yourself to some happiness!

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How To Develop A Positive Attitude?

I just read a wonderful article from the INC Website and was very inspired by the topic and felt that this information might also be helpful to our readers, as a Positive Attitude is not always a given and many of us struggle to have a baseline Positive Attitude with all of the outside ‘noises’ in our lives.  It is easy to get into a rut of negativity as an HSP and quite difficult to  get ‘unstuck’ and back to Positivity.

Here is the article in its entirety from the INC. Website .  Please feel free to post comments on this blog regarding this or any of the other posts on this Blog.

Geoffrey James “Insider” Newsletter

Sending you wishes for successes in  developing your Positive Attitude and letting go of the ‘thoughts’ and ‘feelings’ that can pull us down from our pinnacle of happiness and positivity!

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A Unique Perspective on Stress Management

Our world around is moving in Fast-Forward. There are so many HSP stressors around us, whether it is the traffic, news, loud music, our jobs, money worries, and family challenges, just to name a few.

I have found a novel, unique way to transport myself via a ‘time machine’ into the past and have found much solace and comfort. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some time away from our daily stress routines to live in a time where there was no media, gadgets, loud noises, traffic and ‘task-stacking’ to rob us of quality time?

There are wonderful recordings available of music from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and I have found that this music contains an abundance of happiness and a good measure of care-free joy.

Please give this music a try and close your eyes and imagine that you are living during the late 1800’s without pagers, mobile phones, traffic or other distractions.

If you are a musician, as I am, playing this music on a period instrument adds to the experience!

Here are a few of my favorites (feel free to search and discover other music)

There is a wealth of open source Sousa Marches and other early music on the website Archive.org
Archive.org Sousa

Music From The Turn Of The 20th Century (US Government Jukebox)
US Gov Jukebox

My Favorite CD: Homespun America
Homespun America

Please give this idea a ‘spin around the block’ and please let me know if you also find this idea helpful to your stress too.

Wishing you a happy journey into the past!

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Preventable Suffering and the Most Common Causes

Wow…that article really drew my attention today.

Is there really such a thing as preventable suffering?

Take a look at this article from  Adam Dachis over at the Lifehacker.com website, which by the way, I have found to be a great resource for finding solutions and providing some really interesting innovative ideas.

Here is a sampling of the topics covered in the article:

  • Our Poor Diets Cause Serious Health Issues, Yet Are Easily Resolved with Small Social Changes
  • A Sedentary Lifestyle Is Damaging Our Bodies Because Our Lives Are Too Convenient
  • Sugary Beverages Are Riskier to Your Teeth Because of How You Drink Them
  • We Rely Too Heavily on Drugs and Too Little on Preventative Care

You can find the complete article <here>

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Gratitude…The Secret Ingredient of Happiness?

In a recent article, True Secret to Success (It’s Not What You Think) from the INC. Website,  author Geoffrey James shows the importance of gratitude in the pursuit of  Happiness and Success.

The premise of his article is that if you want to be successful, this is commensurate with the amount of gratitude in your life.  Also highlighted are his recommendations for ‘mining’ gratitude, as he visualizes gratitude as a muscle and that we need to exercise this muscle to attain success.

Here are some quotes from Geoffrey James’ article:

The more you use it (gratitude), the stronger and more resilient it becomes….By contrast, people who lack gratitude are never truly happy

The best time to exercise gratitude is just before bed. Take out your tablet (electronic or otherwise) and record the events of the day that created positive emotions, either in you or in those around you

‘What you’re doing is “programming your brain” to view your day more positively.’

I highly enjoyed this article and look forward to flexing my newly found muscle!

Here is the link to the complete article.

About the Author:

Geoffrey James writes the “Sales Source” column on Inc.com, the world’s most-visited sales-oriented blog. His newly published book is Business to Business Selling: Power Words and Strategies From the World’s Top Sales Experts@Sales_Source

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HSP Resources

Again…for those who missed this important HSP Resources Post!


Good Morning…Here are some HSP books that I have found to be very helpful:

Dr. Elaine Aron’s Website Book Store link:


Dr. Ted Zeff’s Website  Book Store link:


These books are also available from Amazon and other vendors.

Please comment if you have read any of these and post your recommendations or ideas.

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