Posted by: hspsblog | May 17, 2012

Secrets of Happiness

What is happiness…why are so many of us unhappy…how can we find true happiness?

Here is an excerpt from Steven Reiss’ article on happiness:

Based on a survey by Psychologist Steven Reiss (Psychology Today, January 1, 2001) of over 6,000 people Steven brings us a unique insight into happiness that ‘rang true’ for me and hopefully it will for you too:

Here is a quote from Steven Reiss’ 2001 Article:

“Value-based happiness is the great equalizer in life. You can find value-based happiness if you are rich or poor, smart or mentally challenged, athletic or clumsy, popular or socially awkward. Wealthy people are not necessarily happy, and poor people are not necessarily unhappy. Values, not pleasure, are what bring true happiness, and everybody has the potential to live in accordance with their values.”

Please visit the following link for the complete article, which also includes a survey at the bottom of the article to help us rate ourselves according to what values are the most important to us on our journey to obtaining true happiness.


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