Posted by: hspsblog | December 22, 2014

HSPs Upside Down!

New Perspectives On Life

I am back after a long hiatus from blogging with a new and fresh HSP perspective for your consideration.

Sometimes a New Perspective is all it takes to jump-start your creativity and happiness!

I recently started home Yoga Practice and experienced an epiphany, whilst upside-down in a handstand:

The world looks different when you are in a handstand/headstand; to me Yoga is looking at the world from a fresh perspective. It is so important to look at the world from a new perspective every day as an HSP and not to get caught up in ‘ruts’ along the way.

Here is a fun and short Youtube Clip on Handstands from Michael Gannon  Michael Gannon’s Handstand Challenge Link

This freshness brings new meaning to daily life and daily Yoga practice, as well, as repetitive motions, that had previously  become ‘dusty’, ‘rusty’, boring and ancient, can now be looked at from a new perspective. Today’s practice can be more enjoyable than yesterday, and so can the rest of your day, just based on your new found ‘fresh’ perspective.

Please, take this fresh perspective with you in all that you do during the rest of your day. Every day can be full of excitement and vigor, as long as our perspectives are new. Take note of the various Yoga forms (asanas) in our daily practices and sense how they feel and from what perspective you are looking at the room from; you may be surprised that these differing perspectives help you look at things in ways you had never thought of.

Another Note: Yoga starts with the Letter Y that looks like a person standing upside-down; now that’s a new concept.

Please sound off with comments, as I would be very interested in hearing your perspectives on this topic, as well.

If you might also be interested in trying out yoga, below is a link to what I have found to be a very helpful Ashtanga (Power) Yoga APP that is reasonably priced and has vocal prompts, as well as visual instructions.

This APP is from Michael Gannon, who I have found to be an inspiring instructor and this APP provides an opportunity to learn from an instructor that (in my opinion) provides yoga instruction with clear examples.  Please consult a doctor before trying any of the examples, and also, it is recommended to find an instructor, to make sure that you are forms/postures are good or in need of correction.

Ashtanga Yoga APP

Please visit the following Site for more information on this Yoga APP Michael Gannon Yoga APP

Until next time


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